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Cremation Casket



“Wait. Why do I need a casket if I’ve chosen cremation?”

You’re not the only one wondering why a casket might be involved in cremation arrangements. The short answer is found in the Texas Health & Safety Code (Sec.A716.151). Here’s what it says:

Human remains must be placed in a cremation container that:

  • is made of combustible materials suitable for cremation;
  • provides a complete covering of the body;
  • is resistant to leakage or spillage;
  • is rigid for easy handling; and
  • protects the health and safety of crematory personnel.

A crematory establishment may not remove human remains from a cremation container and must cremate the cremation container with the human remains.

Essentially, the code cited above requires that Fort Worth, Texas crematories use a physical barrier to protect those in their care.

It’s common practice for funeral homes to sell their minimum cremation container at an additional charge typically ranging from $95 to $275. At Simple Cremation, your Fort Worth cremation services provider, we include our minimum alternative container in the cost of our Basic Cremation Package!


It’s true that there’s a large variety of available cremation containers and caskets. Most consumers are unaware of these differences and, surprisingly, many funeral directors don’t spend time showing their clients all of their options.

Minimum Alternative Container

In the funeral industry, Minimum Alternative Container is a term frequently used to describe a funeral home’s least expensive cremation casket. This is typically a cardboard container that is meant to fulfill Texas’ legal requirements at a low cost.

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Although this container isn’t glamorous it is still used frequently, simply because most families aren’t aware that they have other options.

Cremation Caskets

All of the containers described in this article could be called a Cremation Casket. That said, there are specific kinds of containers that come to a funeral director’s mind when someone asks for a cremation casket. These containers, like the minimum alternative containers, are combustible and meant to protect the body. There are several styles to choose from at a wide range of prices. Many times a family will select a cremation casket based on their desired funeral arrangements or on personal preferences. These caskets are a favorite choice among families that wish to witness cremation or hold a small ceremony.

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Simple Cremation’s crematory is on-site and we have an attached family visitation lounge. It’s for this reason that we keep several cremation caskets available for families that wish to purchase one. A popular choice is our Coverlet which was designed with an attached white crepe blanket that can be wrapped securely around the body. A unique trend in the world of cremation is to allow mourners to write loving messages or sign the casket before cremation takes place to give it a personal touch.

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Some cremation caskets are designed to look like a regular casket and are used for traditional funerals just like a burial casket would be. The difference is that these are also designed to be cremated so there are almost no metal pieces used in their construction. This gives families a chance to hold a visitation at one of our affiliated chapels, or at their family church, and still choose cremation.

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Ceremonial Cremation Caskets

The kind of cremation casket that looks most like the beautiful and ornate caskets usually seen for burial is called a Ceremonial Casket. Unlike all other cremation caskets, this one is not actually cremated. This container is also commonly referred to as a rental casket because the wooden shell can be reused many times while the interior ‘bed’ portion continues to protect the body by being removed entirely when services have ended.

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Instead of buying the whole ceremonial casket for a Fort Worth cremation, you’re only buying the insert and renting the outside for the funeral service. Afterward, the removable insert is used like the cremation caskets described above.

Witnessing Cremation

The greater Dallas-Fort Worth area is truly diverse and always expanding. At Simple Cremation, we have Fort Worth cremation specialists that are experienced in assisting families with religious cremation ceremonies. Our Buddhist and Hindu community members, for example, traditionally want to honor their loved one with ritual, offerings, prayer, and by witnessing the cremation.

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Our crematory is designed to accommodate families needing a special religious cremation ceremony. A cremation casket selected by the family for the witnessing ceremony is usually considered one of the most important decisions they’ll make while planning the service.

Some caskets, such as our Bamboo Casket, are designed for families looking for cremation or burial. It’s made of responsibly sourced, natural products and does not contain any metal hardware which makes it ideal for cremation. The design and material used in our Bamboo Casket give it the strength and durability needed to protect your loved one. This is becoming a popular choice for individuals looking for green funeral options in North Texas.

Deciding which cremation casket is the right choice for your family will ultimately depend on what kind of funeral arrangements are made and your personal preferences. Just knowing that there are choices is often the first step to exploring what is possible and right for you. There are many families, just like yours, that will make cremation arrangements and not realize that they had another opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones in a dignified way. Now that you do, are you going to make sure all of your family knows too?

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